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And what about that virechana?

In a previous article, I explained to you what the Ayurvedic virechana treatment is. Maybe you're wondering how this thing turned out in the end?

Painting on one of the walls in Doctor Satappa's waiting room illustrating the sirodhara.

Well it went well, but let's just say I'm not sad that it's over! Hahaha! The most difficult for me and several other people was the 4 days of taking the ghee, gheetapana. I had no difficulty taking the ghee as such, while others have had a lot of difficulty with this step. For me it was more after taking. You may have retching and nausea. For me, it was around 9:30-10 a.m. that the discomfort appeared. I think it's partly related to the heat, because it's still intense the temperature we have here. However, I was still able to participate in the various activities: walking on the beach, adapted yoga class and various workshops.

And what surely help to, is that Marie-Noëlle offered us a visualization / hypnosis session every morning. Prepare ourselves so that we can take ghee without fear, with full confidence and surrendering to the treatment.

Marie-Noëlle who offers us a workshop on Hinduism.

After the first 2 days, I was on fire after eating our first meal, around 1 p.m. The people at the retreat told me that they noticed a change from the first days. For my part, I especially felt it from Maha Sivaratri. I had the opportunity to meditate alone at the Siva temple, in front of the lake. From that evening, I felt like a "shift" in my practice. It's as if the energy of Siva in addition to the effects of detox, have intensified my concentration. And above all, my desire and my comfort to remain seated in meditation, to be in the present moment, to pray has returned.

Meditating on the lake ghats near Shiva temple during Maha Sivaratri.

On the 5th and 6th day of the detox, it is the abhyanga massage with sweating. But before, we are entitled to a suuuuper head massage by Dr. Satappa.

Doctor Satappa giving me his incredible head massage.

Aaaaaah, that's happiness! No?

So this abhyanga massage, what is it? It is a very invigorating massage for well-being with warm oil with medicinal herbs. It is used to relax muscles, improve circulation, regenerate cells, detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and improve the quality of sleep.

Gheeta who is ready to start my massage. There will also be Manjula who will join, because it is given by 2 people.

Karine in the sweat box.

Following these 2 days of massages, we have a day of rest. Let's say we haven't spent it in complete, complete rest. Ahahaha... We went for a little kayak tour in the morning.

Nice kayak trip, thanks to Sylvie for the great photos.

Last day of treatment: THE PURGE! Yes, all good things come to an end! hahaha! Now that all these toxins are in our digestive system, we must evacuate everything. To do this, we are given a laxative drink made from various plants. It should be noted that the potion was unique to each of us, according to our specific needs.

Our potion for purging.

Once ingested, we had towalk around and drink small sips of hot water every 5 minutes. And we had to do this until the fun begins. We also were drinking hot water until the end. For each person it will be different. For my part, my first visit to the toilet was at 9am. For others it will have taken more or less time. And we will go to the bathroom between 5 and 15 times on average. The doctor asked us to note the number of times with the hours. Here is my final countdown:

I got 4 other little extras after the meal.

The doctor came to see us around 1 p.m. to see if everything was going well and told us if we could eat. I can tell you that some of us were looking forward to this moment... Finally, we can have a meal other than papaya and ganji!

The verdict following this treatment is that now my doshas are balanced. So I went back to my pita-kapha. Also, I lost 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs).

Our first meal was kitchari with curds (yogurt). Easy to digest yogic meal.

In addition to virechana, I received another Ayurvedic treatment. This one was for my knees. As I am starting to have some pain, the doctor recommended this treatment to me.

Surrender that sends steam to my knees.

The treatment is done over 7 consecutive days. We start by sending steam on the knees.

Geetha and Manjula preparing the dough.

Geetha and doctor Satappa who massages the back of the knees to make the oil penetrate.

Then they make a kind of small pool on the back of the knees in order to put hot oil with medicinal herbs.

We then massage the back of the knees to help the oil penetrate. Then we start again with the steam on the knees. The doctor showed us and then indicated 5 different exercises to do 3-4 times a day. And it was the same process for the 7 days.

I must admit to feeling a good improvement in my knees.

Another treatment I didn't want to miss was the sirodhara. It is a treatment that consists of continuously dripping a trickle of warm oil with medicinal herbs on the forehead. This treatment aims to rebalance the deepest parts of the brain, to stimulate the endocrine system, the pituitary and pineal glands, as well as the neurotransmitters. It has the effect of relieving stress, calming the mind, improving memory, improving insomnia problems, combating depression and emotional insecurity, improving vision and hearing, unblocking the nasal passages and slowing down the aging. There is also a spiritual dimension, as the trickle of chasing oil comes on the 3rd eye.

I just loooooove this treatment. I had taken one at least everytime during each retreat. It's really amazing the peace, the calm, the state in which we find ourselves after this treatment.

Doctor Satappa giving his instructions to the tuk tuk driver.

Thanks again to Doctor Satappa and his entire team. What a week I lived... And it will continue again I hope.

Manjula, Geetha et moi

A photo with Doctor Satappa.

See you soon,



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