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Silence, we're rolling!

With the release of my new album Jai Hanuman last summer, my goal this time for this trip was to film content so that I could create different videos. Thanks to the help of Ashok, the manager of the Glucklich resort, I managed to find a cameraman team.

We planned 2 days of shooting. The first took place during our excursion to Gokarna. Our first stop was Om Beach. Absolutely heavenly place! Perfect for doing a bit of filming. I must admit that it was very hot though haha... We shoot at more than 30 degrees here. So you can imagine how we are cooking in full sun! But it takes what it takes, the light is exceptional and the colors... it's just wow!

That day it was Jayaram who was behind the camera. He doesn't really speak English so I had our driver Raghu who was nearby to help us with the translation from Kannada to English and vice versa.

Beginning of filming with Jayaram

To start our day, Jayaram shared with me examples of videos he made during our meal, and I played him the songs I wanted to do. I really enjoyed the videos he showed me. Great talent! There were pre-wedding videos (a kind of music video where you see scenes with the bride and groom) and another of her little boy dressed as Krishna.

We filmed a few hours at Om Beach at different locations. It required a little agility in order to climb to the places he indicated to me on the rock, but also concentration. Because you are never alone in India... Ahaha, so we often had curious people who came to observe what we were doing.

Then we went to the beach next door, Kudle beach. This time we did a bit of filming in the shade. Ouffff... a little break from the sun... The restaurant where I chose to settle was also a hotel. And the cameraman suggested to me that we settle near the wooden staircase to shoot a little. I would never have thought of going to settle there, but it looked great.

After the beach, it was direction Murudeshwara, to go to the temple of Siva. This temple is so impressive... Siva is so giant, so superb, so impressive. There were quite a few more people here though ahahaha. It was not easy to be focused.

The 2nd day of shooting, there was again Jayaram and Santosh joined us. We started this at the Glucklich resort for a few takes. Then, we headed to the lake next to the Siva temple in Koteshwara. A sacred place, very peaceful, where the energy is strong.

Under the kind of small shelter in the middle of the lake, there is Nandi, the bull of Siva. We see him lying in front of the temples of Siva.

Then we went back to shoot at the Glucklich resort and near the beach. We took a little break in the afternoon. The sun comes in. Jayaram needed a little power nap I think. :)

Then we went to 2 different Hanuman temples. The guys would have liked me to wear an orange kurti, as it is Hanuman's favorite color. But...I didn't have one. We tried to buy one by doing 2-3 shops, but without success. Let's just say I'm not the average Indian size, which complicates my clothes shopping there! hahaha they finally asked me to wear a white one, which of course I did.

The Prasanna Anjaneya Temple is also really impressive. As we were discussing with Santosh, it is not very old as a temple. And although Hanuman is huge, the details are incredible. The hands, the clothes, everything is perfectly detailed.

Santosh explained to me that this temple was built on private land. It was in the back yard of a house. Because in fact, it has since been destroyed. I remember it was there on my last trip in 2020. What he was also telling me was that normally you don't build a temple like that on the grounds of a house. Not a Hanuman temple anyway. Not only that, but the energy is so strong there, that we always build another temple, just in front of the temple of Hanuman (regardless of the deity). It is a matter of balancing the energy. He said that in fact, the family had not built a 2nd temple either. So they would have been in big trouble and they had to leave.

And again, I was there just in time for arati. The priest arrived as we were finishing the scenes from afar. He accepted that we shoot with the doors of the temple open. And of course we stayed for arati.

Tournage devant le Prasanna Anjaneya Temple.

We ended it in style at the Kote Anjaneya Temple in Kundapura. I had never been to this temple before. It was Ashok, the resort manager who suggested I go there. And he was so right. Very beautiful temple with also, an incredible energy.

Here too we accepted that we shoot inside. The priest was very curious in fact, he wanted to know when he could go see the clip on YouTube. 😄

Shooting at Kote Anjaneya Temple.

Honestly, what joy! Have the opportunity to film in these superb places. But above all, to absorb this energy. 🙏❤

I can tell you that I was pretty high at the end of the day! 😅 And again today!

It will be a great joy to share these beautiful images with you. When? Aaaah that... only god knows!

See you soon!



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