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Retreat in India

Have you been wanting to visit India for a long time, but you don't dare to travel alone? Why not join me in making it a unique experience!


Indeed, you can join the group that will participate in the Meditation Dhyana Ananda retreat from February 12 to March 5, 2023. This will be my 5th visit to India and my 4th experience with the wonderful team of Dhyana Ananda to offer you the most exceptional stay. I will participate in offering adapted yoga classes, teachings, telling stories about Hindu mythology and of course, guiding kirtans!

 Chai indien
Dieu Idole

A little more informations...

On the menu, Ayurvedic detox, yoga, meditation, visits to sacred places, cultural activities, spiritual teachings, and of course, KIRTANS! The retreat will take place right by the ocean, in Kundapura in Karnataka (southern India). Such a wonderful place that is still authentic.

If this adventure resonates with you, I invite you send me a private message to register and ask me all your questions.

Looking forward to drinking a good masala chai together there! Haribol!

Price of the retreat

Price includes : the detox (2 medical consultations, 2 massages followed by a sweating), yoga classes, meditation and chanting, teachings, workshops & activities, three excursions, accomodation, food (2 meals per day except during the detox), airport transfert from Mangalore.

3 weeks   3390$/pers               3870$/pers                    4475$/pers

2 weeks   3090$/pers               3570$/pers                    4175$/pers

                    Delux dorm               Shared room               Shared room

                   (for 4 pers.) A/C        (for 2 pers.) A/C          (for 2 pers.) A/C

For more details on the retreat :

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