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Ready to go to India!

Finally, the time of my departure approaches. It is this Friday, February 10, 2023, that I will leave for India. I will travel to this incredible destination to do a yoga retreat. It is in Kundapura, in Karnataka, region in the South of India that I will be for the first 3 weeks. It will be a journey as much outside as inside.

I will share with you this journey through my words, photos and videos. I hope these articles will allow you to travel a little with me too and who knows, maybe you will be inspired to accompany me next time!

You know, for me, it's really the greatest happiness to be able to participate in these retreats. It's actually the sum of everything I love in life. Travel and yoga! As they say, I'm really on my X there. It combines my love for travel and yoga. Yoga classes, workshops, stories about Hindu mythology, and of course, kirtans!

But what do we do in this retreat?

This retreat is truly complete. A great opportunity to deepen and focus on your practice and it starts with an Ayurvedic detox. Daily life is lived with a schedule that resembles that of an ashram. The days starts early with a satsang (meeting with wisdom, truth), or a period of meditation, a kirtan (chanting of mantras) then a teaching or sharing of wisdom. Then it's a yoga class and the meal is served. The program continues with a 2nd yoga class at the end of the afternoon, another meal is served, then the day ends with another satsang. The rest of the day is interspersed with free time, visits to sacred places or temples, pujas (ritual, ceremony), etc. And no need to go far to "pass the time", the resort is located directly on the beach.

How does that sound? Join me on this great adventure and don't miss the next article.



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