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A puja to start this journey

In India, when you start a project, a business or other, you always start by honoring the god Ganesh. Ganesh is the elephant-headed god, son of Shiva, who is well known for removing obstacles. And a puja is a ceremony, a ritual, to honor a certain deity. So in our case, the Gana Homa puja was in order to start this retreat well.

The priest offering ghee to the fire

Before the puja, the priest drew rangolis. During the puja, he made invocations, sang mantras, made mudras. He made fire offerings, ghee (clarified butter), sandalwood, puffed flakes, etc. Everything that Ganesh adores.

In order to welcome Ganesh, as we do when we receive visitors, the place has been cleaned, well decorated with flowers and lamps. Then we showered and put on our best clothes.

During the puja, we also had the opportunity to offer rice, flowers to Ganesh. To ask him for something more personal, for us and our family and friends.

Rangolis in front of the altar

Video of the puja

After the puja, we had a visit from Dr. Satappa. I will tell you about it and our detox in a future article.

The rest of the day was rather relaxed, as we are still recovering from the jet lag and we have to prepare for the detox.

Almost every evening, before supper, we take time to go and meditate in front of the sunset. He has a different painting in store for us each time.

Beautiful sunset

Me doing Krishna's pose

Marie-Noëlle and Sivaram doing the tree pose

Again tonight, we were given a feast. Because the day after tomorrow, it will only be ganji (whole rice) or fruit for the next 8 days...

Bon appétit!

Thanks to Ashok, the resort manager. An incredible man.

Ashok serving some chapatis

Alright, I'll leave you with that.



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